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Whatever You Want

Whatever You Want
Who is the freest person you know? If you were sure nobody would ever find out, would you misbehave? Can we all do whatever we want at the same time? What do you think? Whatever You Want is the third title in the Visual Philosophy for Children series by Wonder Ponder. IN ENGLISH: Ages: + 8

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This guide has been created in order to help you to find non-sexist and educational gifts, designed to help children to develop their creativity. Nothing here is sponsored. If you decide to buy any of the toys by clicking the button below them, you will be supporting Ludus -but of course, you can also can purchase them in your nearest toy store, by exchange, in the second-hand market, or DIY :)

Beyond pink and blue

We live in a society in which many limiting prejudices still persist. Still some people give trucks to boys and dolls to girls. The toy catalogs don't help, with their blue section and their pink section.

Why corsetee the children for being born boy or girl? Is it going to help them to be happier, to develop empathy, to have more possibilities... or just the opposite? A lot of girls love kitchenettes, and that's so great as if they like skateboarding, or if the boys enjoy cooking too. Only in the minds of some people this is not valid, because they reproduce limitations that they instilled in themselves in childhood.

Let's review our biases. The way we were raised is the first we have known, but it doesn't mean it's better. How many things do we stop doing so as not to disappoint expectations? How many girls could have been wonderful surgeons, how many boys would have become magnificent dancers, if prejudice had not crossed their paths?

We must free childhood. Let the boys express their sensitivity and the girls play action games, whenever they want. The games can be used both to reproduce molds and to break them. Toys allow to rehearse different roles, release tension; they express the inner world and allow to experience new ones.

Toys haven't sex: when they are used in an exclusive way, it is because they are reproducing the society in which they have emerged. On the opposite, when games are freely chosen, they become a tool that encourages self-knowledge and co-education. Equal opportunities must begin in childhood. We musn't educate polarized creatures, limiting girls to care and boys to action. Help them to develop a critical thinking.

We have created this selection to give ideas, to show toys that go beyond the clichés. 

Playing allows children the possibility of imagining and creating freely: don't limit your daughter, your grandson, your niece... just because they were born a boy or a girl.

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