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  1. What is Ludus?
  2. Is it free?
  3. What are the requirements to be in Ludus?
  4. Why register?
  5. How do I sign up?
  6. How do the plans work?
  7. Do the projects have signed up themselves?
  8. How can I modify the information of my project?
  9. How can modify other information (ads, events)?
  10. More questions?
  1. What is Ludus?

    Ludus is not a school neither a network of centres, but a web whose aim is to help to spread other ways of understanding education -you can read more about Ludus in About. You can find the directory of educational projects (Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio-Emilia, forest schools, free schools) here.

    We haven't more information about the projects that the info that is showed in the web; if you want to more information on any of them, contact him directly.

  2. Is it free?

    You can add for free your job add, event, or network.

    Educational projects & Afterschool activities & Training Center

    We do not want any project to left behind because of economical reasons, so we have a basic plan for begginers.

    If you want to enjoy of additional advantages, please read here the features of the plan Ludus Supporter.

  3. What are the requirements to be in Ludus?

    YES associations, playing groups, schools, etc., with an alternative vision of the education.

    The projects, activities and ads including in Ludus will have to be related with active pedagogies, in which the children are leading of their learnings and their needs and rhythms are respected.

    We appreciate the projects:

    • of inclusive education
    • with democratic approach
    • where children learn to collaborate instead of compete
    • that include some type of pedagogical innovation, for example:
      • the approaches based in Reggio Emilia, Freinet, R. Wild, Montessori, Pickler, etc.
      • the work by projects
      • the learning communities -or any another ways to open the centre to the families
      • the mix-age grouping

    Whereas we will not include projects that:

    • put labels on children -neither old labels (silly/smart) nor new (ADHD, indigo, etc.)- no one's value depend on this kind of categorisations
    • do not respect their rhythms and individualities
    • do not include any type of limits
    • promote racist, xenophobic, sexist or classist attitudes
    • consider themselves better that other schools by no pedagogical factors, as to be from a determinated place, to be a private or a state school, to be homologated or not...
    • are based in gurus, psudosciences, supersticions... Sapere aude!

    Afterschool activities

    Workshops, after-school activities, holiday camps, etc. are also welcome if they have a no behavioural approach. If you offer your workshops to schools, you can register it in the section Training for educators.

  4. Why register?

    Register if you want to include in Ludus:

    • your project
    • your ads for the section Employ
    • your events for the Agenda

    If you want to add more than a project, you must create a new registered user with another email.

  5. How to register?

    Click Sign Up and follow the instructions.


    • As you register, you will recive an confirmation email with a link to activate your account. Only when you activate it, you can access to your user's menu.
      Didn't receive confirmation instructions?
    • Please, remember your access info, it will allow you to add/modify your information whenever you want, by clicking Log In (Up to the right).
      Forgot your password?
    • We review the projects before including them in the listing, so it will not be showed inmediatly.
  6. How do the plans work?

    Once that you have signed up, you will be able to subscribe you to one of the available plans. The payment is processed via the FastSpring secure payment server. You can pay by Paypal or credit card. Once the payment is made, FastSpring will send an email with the receipt.

    The subscriptions are automatically renewed. You can unsubscribe anytime and you will continue enjoying of the benefits of your plan until the expiration of the subscription period.

  7. Do the projects have signed up themselves?

    Some projects have been included because someone has suggested them to us. Now, we prefer that the projects themselves sign them up.

    If you miss a project in Ludus, please invite them directly to sign up.

  8. How can I modify the information of my project?

    • If you have signed up, click Log In -Forgot your password?
    • If you haven't, register with the project's email and write us indicating your project's name and your user.
    • If you want delete all your data, you'll find the link here
  9. How can I modify other information (announcements, etc.)?

    Just click Log In. Once identified, just follow the instructions.

  10. More questions?

    If you have read this guide and you have more doubts, don't hesitate to contact us:

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