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What's Ludus?

Ludus is a directory of projects of alternative education in Spain. We've decided to include any project alternative to official pedagogy, so there are very different options: free schools, forest schools, Waldorf schools, associations dedicated to the study and divulgation, State schools that are using these pedagogies, etc.. And for the little ones, child rearing groups and childminders.

Here you'll find a list of projects in your area, you must decide the best choice for you and your children. On the website of each project you can read more about their pedagogy, schedules, etc... Anyway, it's better visit the project in person. Many schools have visiting days or will allow you to visit them to see the facilities and talk with their managers.

We just know directly a small proportion of the schools listed, so we can't recommend ones more than others. Therefore, we emphasize the need to know them first hand in order to choose the most adequate. What in their website may look fantastic or the wonderful experience that you can tell you a mother maybe doesn't really match with your expectations. Even among schools with the same methodology can be great differences.

What does Ludus mean?

Ludus was the term used in ancient Rome to designate schools for children (under 11 years), but also meant training, fun or game. This is the meaning that has now in some Romance languages (for example, lúdico in Spanish).

The word we use nowadays for ludus, school, comes from the Greek σχολή (skholé ), which paradoxically meant leisure, tranquility. Later it became meaning what it's doing in the free time and, more specifically, what worth doing.

Who is behind Ludus?

Ludus is a personal project of Almudena Garcia, freelance programmer and an enthusiast of free education.


I want to thank everyone who helped me make the web, especially Silvia, for her illustrations, and Jaime, for more things that fit here.

Thanks to Pacuvio, for teaching me Latin, to Julia, who was the first person to explain me what was non-directive education, and to Biel, Belén, Silvia and the other ones of the colla, for let me know this world from within.

And of course, thanks to all the people that prove every day that another education is possible.