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Ludus Supporters projects support the change of educational paradigm collaborating with Ludus.

Behind Ludus there are not investors, subsidies neither debts. Behind Ludus there is a mother who wants that no only his son, but all the boys and girls, can have access to an education more effective, respectful and motivating.

Behind Ludus there has been a lot of effort and every time requires more: I need more hours to work in Ludus and that's only possible with collaborator's help. Ludus Supporters have also several advantages:

Ludus Supporter's Advantages

Ludus Supporter
highlighted project + inclusion as a highlighted project at the beginning (three Supporter projects are selected randomly according to the search criteria)

Ludus Supporter
Ludus Supporter badge for your web
Ludus Supporter
customize your project sheet

  • 1 custom header
  • 2 include your logo
  • 3 agenda
  • 4 include your images
  • 5 include your videos